Equipoint Systems

Healthcare Industry and Science as a Abstract

Healthcare Industry and Science as a Abstract


Equipoint Systems is a universal, hosted benefits and insurance administration and management application.

Every aspect of the process is managed under one umbrella including end user registration, tabulation of available plans, payment compliance and processing, dissemination of funds, allocation of sales commissions and complete calculation and processing of A/P and A/R accounts, all in real time. Equipoint Systems easily integrates with its Extensive Carrier EDI library and offers affordable prices for new EDI development.

The introduction of this end-to-end management tool is currently like no other in the industry and provides a long-awaited breakthrough in managing the complex process of health insurance administration.


Equipoint Systems is a state-of-the-art, hosted benefits and insurance administration and management application, which securely records and documents every transaction for the health insurance carriers, regional brokers, individual agents, as well as group and stand-alone insurers.


  • Comprehensive Billing system operating a 13 month look back
  • Flexible Eligibility maintenance through electronic file transfer
  • Full Account Receivable & Accounts Payable processing
  • Flexible, customizable import with minimal data adjustment
  • Extensive API capabilities
  • Custom plan designs with ability to re-brand and re-price at many levels
  • Online enrollment
  • Individual portals to support sales, commissions, and CRM
  • Ability to pre-load and funnel leads
  • Real time Merchant Services, Credit Cards & ACH
  • Intuitive interface & straight forward processes make administering simple
  • Recorded log of all data changes, to include who and when
  • Carrier EDI
  • History of EDI submissions
  • Commissions
  • Hour and premium banking capability
  • Complex group arrangements
  • Robust adhoc reporting
  • Automatic remit & eligibility correction for newly entered data
  • Dedicated IT staff


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