ACA Compliance

Doctors applauding a fellow doctorUtilizing proprietary technology we are able to offer multiple products at varying price points to all class of employees on a single platform that includes: eligibility, consolidated billing, premium collection, commission payment, and ACA reporting. We currently include a 1095 and 1094 reporting and submission.


Equipoint Partners is offering standalone ACA reporting to allow compliance with the new IRS regulations for the Affordable Care Act.

The process is simple, efficient, and cost effective.

  • A onetime setup fee as low as $2,500.
  • $5 per generated form (reoccurring each reporting year)
  • Optional mailing service¬† for an additional $3.95 per form

You are responsible to:

    • Provide the current and historical health coverage for all employees in an uploadable format. (.csv template provided)
    • After the upload of data, Equipoint will request that you review the data for accuracy. This can be done within our system.

Equipoint Systems is responsible to:

    • Equipoint will upload the data, verify that it loaded correctly and ask you to verify the accuracy.
    • Once the upload has been confirmed to be accurate, Equipoint will process the data and provide you with individual electronic documents that can be printed and mailed for each employee. Mailing service is available for an additional fee.
    • Equipoint can also provide electronic file required to file with the IRS electronically, and the 1094-C form.
    • That is it! You are now in compliance with Affordable Care Act reporting requirements for 1095-C forms.
    • All records will be kept secure and accessible for seven years.
    • If you have any questions or would like a free quote please contact us!