One Source

Young manager listening to his colleague explanations

The Equipoint Partners solution is not just a platform. It is a complete benefit administration, enrollment and compliant management system.

As a insurance or human resource professional, you can take advantage of years of our market research, programming, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) refining as well our consolidating billing on a single web based platform.  Our platform, combined with our cutting edge integrated ACA reporting programs can bring you the automated solution needed to maintain a tumultuous and ever changing human resource environment.

The Equipoint solution creates a “utopia” for many insurance and HR Professionals because of the consolidated billing, monthly bill reconciliation and administration services our system provides; you will enjoy long term relationships with us even though your healthcare service providers may change over time.

We understand carriers and plans come and go – our focus is on keeping the administration and compliance in a single source system and financially equitable throughout the changes in the years to come.