Medicare Managment and Pre 65 Retirees

In addition to providing ACA Reporting, 1095/1094 production and annual benefit management; Equipoint Partners is teaming up with SSDC Services Corporation to provide our clients and brokers assistance with Medicare, Pre 65 retirees and more.

The future partnership will allow Equipoint Partners the ability to look ahead and address the issues with the aging workforce across the country. SSDC’s comprehensive solution is designed to identify pre-65 retirees already on Medicare, to enable disabled retirees to get onto Medicare through Social Security Disability, and to recover any overpayments that were made by the employer health plan and to rebill Medicare for the cost of care.

Pre-65 retirees are the most expensive group on a per capita basis of any group medical plan.

  • Pre-65 retirees have average costs 40% higher than employees of the same age.
  • Disabled retirees have average annual costs 70% higher than healthy retirees.
  • Retirees with Medicare reduce the cost to an employer plan by more than 80%
  • Average spend by Medicare on inpatient and outpatient care per year is $10,350.
  • By identifying just one Pre-65 retiree as eligible for Medicare, the plan will save, on average, $52,000 in future medical costs (assuming 5 years until age 65).

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