Programs and Services

Medical GAP – Pre-Med Defender
Indemnity based Limited Medical
MEC (Minimum Essential Coverage)

ACA Compliance and Reporting
Full Turn-key Benefit Administration
Customized On-Line Enrollment
• HR Eligibility Reporting (Real-Time)
• Third Party Administration
• Consolidated Billing
• Integrated Payroll Import
• Unified Benefits Administration and Management (SAAS)

Mobile Enroller and Onboarding – Smart phone technology

• Pre 65 Retirees
• Retiree Medical
• SSID Advocacy
Discovery/Recovery/Development – Enormous cost saving potential for large self-funded employers/municipalities


We’ve worked with  Equipoint Partners  on quite a few cases, and the consolidated billing has been a breeze.  The carriers are paid in a timely fashion, and it simplifies the employer’s payroll and billing which saves them time and money.  It has allowed us to retain clients for a long period of time, because it would require a lot of resources to replace the services.”

Joe C. – Broker, Dallas, TX

“We needed a composite billing solution or we were going to lose a large account. Equipoint Partners  was able to offer our client a medical and dental plan as well as a billing solution for all of their other core benefits. One bill has been a blessing and we plan on moving more to their platform.”

David B. – Consultant, Memphis, TN

“I have known the folks at  Equipoint Partners for years. I asked them what they could do to help me grow my revenue; I was not losing clients – my fully insured medical income was shrinking due to rate increases, management carve outs and cut backs. They introduced me to their limited medical and voluntary plans they administer I was able to offer benefits to employees who have been ‘carved out’ or moved to a part time status. I was able to replace the lost income, but more importantly I was able to keep my customers happy”.

Harry M.– Agent, Corpus Christy, TX